Tips for Packaging and Shipping Cookies Safely

Over the years of I have been baking extensively. The use of non-stick cookie cutters has risen with every passing month and thus the mailing and parceling of the cookies as well. Over the months, I have realized I used to commit way too many mistakes in packaging and shipping these cookies. Earlier, I used to ship all the cookies together, packed with bows and decorative papers!

But not anymore. I have learnt a few tricks and tips that will be helpful you for your cookies' packaging and shipping.

Our Tips

1. Choose the cookies wisely

You need to be careful with the cookies you want to ship, especially if the cookies will take really long to reach. For instance, best cookies to probably pack and ship would be the ones that are more firm which is usually cookies like - crinkle cookies, thumbprint cookies, sugar cookies, and many more. On the other hand, cookies which are buttery, flaky or fragile will reach in pieces and broken crumbs that can get very disappointing for the receivers. You can also look at mailing brownies as well, along with caramels and candies.

I remember once after baking cookies with the help of non-stick cookie cutters, I packed those delicious buttery cookies and send them across to a friend of mine, only to find out that it reached her doorstep broken and crumbled. So ensure you do not make this mistake.

2. Wrap up inside a plastic bag

Now, you cannot be sure even with sturdy cookies, can you? Chances are even they could break or become small crumbs. A tip for you would be to pack them in a plastic bag. This, not only will keep the storing as neat as possible, but apart from the tidiness it will keep the cookies fresh as well. You can use pastry bags or zip-top bags.

fresh cookies


Apart from that you can also provide cookies with an extra support by packing it either using two boxes or using a bubble wrap or lots of newspaper to provide a cushion to it. It provides padding to the cookies and makes them crumb-free.

I am listing down some of the materials that can be used :

  • Zip-Topped Bags - They fit in any size of the box including tiny USPS boxes as well.
  • Plastic Wrap - They help in providing a cushion and you can wrap around the cookies howsoever you want; in whatever quantity you feel is suitable.
  • Tissue Paper - Any kind of old paper can be used for this purpose, from old magazines to newspaper to paper towels.

3. Pack it tight

Another trick for you to maintain the quality of cookies will be to make sure that cookies don't knock to each other. You can do this by packing the cookies in a tight box that they are not able to move easily. This saves the cookies from breaking especially during shipping. But then again, make sure not to pack them too tightly because this may lead to breakage of cookies if the box gets compressed. You can use Christmas tins for this purpose. Further, other alternatives could be using shredded paper or crumpled newspapers as a cushion.

 cookies tight packaging

4. Note the time to bake and pack

We all lead a busy life and we all are in a hurry to get the task done. Most of us think that since the cookies have cooled down and hence can now be packed. This mistake even I used to do in the past. But do not do this mistake because if the cookies have not cooled down to the room temperature the wrong timing of packing may lead change in the shape of cookies. The reason for this is that the warm temperature of cookies can create condensation in boxes which may lead to bacteria growth. In turn, cookies can become less crispy and less chewy.

So my advice would be to wait for hours before packing and storing the cookies for best results.

5. Pack the cookies in an airtight container

Earlier, I used to pack cookies in so many kinds of boxes - craft style box, vintage tins, gift baskets. But I found that the best packaging will always be done in an airtight container. If you want to send your cookies overseas, these containers will be the most suitable packaging for you.

Airtight containers help in keeping the cookies as fresh as possible. We all know that delays can happen in delivering of the items and when this happens you do not have to worry about the moist of the cookies if they are packed in an airtight container.

6. Choosing a shipping method wisely, not all cookies ship equally

Most of the packages via an email could take weeks to reach. This is a particular concern of many because when cookies are at their best, they are packed in a parcel. So avoid sending the cookies in a parcel post or in a transit where reaching cookies to their respective destination will take longer than expected.

You can instead send the package using USPS priority mail or UPS ground.

7. Other tips to remember

  • Make sure to place the heaviest cookies at the bottom of your package. Of course, you can provide cushioning by wrapping them in layers. But ensuring that the major weight is at the bottom will help to save the other light cookies from getting crumbled.
  • If there are many boxes to parcel, make sure that all the boxes are in one large bubble wrap, shipping peanuts or popcorn. Place these items between the container and box.
  • Also, do not forget that after packing the boxes inside the container, seal it properly with adhesive tape. In fact, do mention on the package that the product is "Perishable Food" or "Fragile" to let the delivery person know that he needs to handle the package with care.
  • The last tip would be to always keep in mind the temperature difference of the place you are planning to mail the package to. Warm climate area can make the cookies melt, especially if they are made of nuts or chocolates. The best solution to this would be an overnight delivery of the package. This will ensure in keeping the product at its cool state.

Do you have any other tips for packaging and shipping? Do comment below and let others know as well.