Tips For Baking Perfect Cookies

If you are into baking, you will agree that many things can go wrong while making cookies. Sometimes the little balls get merged into a large giant, and sometimes the shapes are weird and look eroded. Baking is not easy and takes a lot of patience as well. For this purpose, I am listing down some important tips in points, that will make baking easy for you.

Our Recommendations :

1. Select Quality Ingredients

To bake amazing delicious cookies, the ingredients and its parts should be delicious as well. Hence, while baking, make sure to focus on the best ingredients you are mixing in the bowl.

After this, as per the ingredients and the type of cookie you want to make, make sure that you pay a close attention to how you can blend these items together. For instance, if you plan on making a crunchier cookie by adding nuts, then make sure you add the nuts at the end of it, however, if you want the cookies to be soft, then crush the nuts in a food processor along with adding sugar and flour over it.

2. Use Fresh Ingredients

Baking cookies should only be done with fresh ingredients, hence make sure the items you are using are new and fresh. Buy baking powder, vanilla, flour, sugar, etc. close to the date you are planning to bake the cookies.

Cookies are not made regularly, probably every once a year and chances are the ingredients you will then use to bake will be more than a year old. So start with the best and fresh ingredients beforehand itself.

3. Be Delicate with the Flour


flattening cookie dough


Flour is the base of the cookie and the quality of the cookie will always depend on how much flour you plan to mix; if you mix an inappropriate quantity of flour, that will directly affect the structure and texture of the cookies.

To give you some facts about flour, if you mix a lot of flour to bake your cookies, the cookie will end up dry and tough. This is because flour grabs a lot of moisture and thus will make the cookies really hard.

So make sure before baking, you measure the quantity of flour correctly before the use.

4. Use The Right Cookie Cutters

It is very important that you use the best cookie cutter to get clean shapes when cutting the dough. When buying we usually recommend that you buy a good and dishwasher safe cookie cutter. This will help not only make great and delicious cookies but the cutter will also last a long time and can be used over and over again.

5. Mix it and Measure it Right

Always remember that while mixing the cookie dough, don't be too hard on it, or don't mix it for far too long as this will make the dough to liquefy. Instead, just mix the dough until it becomes smooth and creamy. If you plan to add any toppings to your cookies, keep them for the last.

Also, apart from mixing it right, measuring it right is also of utmost importance. Understand what kind of measuring cups you have and be accurate about the amount of ingredients you are using. If you use too much or too little due to a different kind of measuring device, this may lead to a wrong preparation of cookies.

6. Prevent Excess Spreading

You can avoid cookies from being greasy puddles. Here's how. Cooling the cookie dough beforehand can do wonders. Another tip is to use silicone baking mat. These help in avoiding the cookies from spreading which generally happens when you coat your baking sheet with non-stick spray or butter. A silicone baking mat helps in gripping the cookie from the bottom and also helps in promoting even browning.

7. Use an Oven Thermometer


cookies in oven


Make sure that you bake your cookies at the right temperature. Double check if the temperature is accurate. In fact, it is better to bake the cookies at a slightly lower temperature which will ensure that the cookies do not overbake or become over brown.

You can easily find instructions to lower the temperature of thermostat online or in instructor kit you received while purchasing the thermostat. Also, do remember, with every new batch the heat would have to be reduced due to increased humidity from the previously baked cookies.

8. Soften Butter Properly

We all know that sugar and butter are the base and the most important ingredients for making cookies. If something goes wrong with these, the whole structure and taste of cookies can be destroyed. Many bakers try to soften butter in an oven, which is tricky because at time parts of butter melt that can lead to the bad structure of cookies.

Instead, try place the butter in room temperature for hours to soften it up. Another option is that you can grate the butter into a bowl and the job will be down within a few minutes.

9. Freeze Dough


freezing cookie dough


This is a really important hack for baking cookies; if you freeze doughs way ahead of time apart from saving your time, it also improves the texture of the cookies. So what you can do instead is, turn the dough into small balls and freeze it a day earlier. The next day, heat these frozen doughs and increase the baking time a little more as now you will be baking directly from the frozen statue. This will not only help you in saving time but probably you will be able to make all the doughs in a day and decorate them all together later.

10. Cool Down and Store Tight

Now, you cannot just make cookies and leave them be. Of course, when to take cookies out from the oven is a difficult call to make. Some take cookies out when they start to turn brown, some say to take out the cookies when the edges start to turn brown. Some in fact say that to take cookies out well before time and let them cook for a while at room temperature on the sheet. However, storing plays a major role as well to cook the right cookies. Make sure you store the cookies in an airtight container.

Further, make sure not to put different kinds of cookies in the same container. Also, do not put the cookies into storage before the cool down, otherwise they will become soggy.