The Best Ways To Store Your Cookie Cutters

Storing cookie cutters can be quite tricky, even though it doesn't sound like a serious problem. In fact, when you bought so many cookie cutters that they start piling up, it will be difficult to find the ones you need out of hundreds of them without getting annoyed or having them spread across the room. Well, you should put an end to that issue. Instead of recklessly throwing all the cookie cutters in a drawer, it's best to organize them based on the criteria you set. Here's what you should know about this topic:

Don't get greedy with space

Many people believe that they don't need to waste a few drawers just to store cookie cutters in an organized manner. Thus, they often choose to gather all the cookie cutters in one single bag and take it out whenever they need one. As you may already tell, this is not the most effective method of storing them, both in terms of how much time you need to find one and how well-kept they are as time passes by. Instead of getting greedy with the space that you allocate for cookie cutter storage, purchase the essential items you'll need to have them organized and save a drawer or two solely for this purpose.

storing your cookie cutters 

Ziploc bags

These bags will help tremendously with organizing cookie cutters. You can use them to store sets or single pieces, depending on their size. After drying your cookie cutters, place them in a Ziploc bag and seal it off. You can use a marker to write a tag on it and organize each bag based on these tags when you finish packing.


If you possess hundreds of awesome cookie cutters bought from, you won't be able to organize them properly unless you use boxes. You can find cheap boxes in dollar store markets. Make sure they fit your organizing space. Then, take cookie cutters that belong to the same category and store them separately in these boxes. Stick labels to the part of the box that remains visible after storage and you won't ever face trouble with finding your cutters when you need them.

Drawer dividers

In case you are planning to store cookie cutters directly into your drawers, make sure to buy dividers. Tag each divider and put the cookie cutters that meet that criterion in the respective space. When you want to use a cutter, pull the drawer and look for the divider section tag.


Don't panic if you're not sure what criteria to use to store your cookie cutters. Each person's cutter collection is different, but there are a few categories that apply to anyone out there:

By size
Cookie cutters come in all sorts of sizes. If you usually bake cookies of the same size, but different shape, this is the best filter to use. Store them in groups from the biggest size to the smallest.

By theme
For people who are more likely to bake different-sized cookies that follow a theme, it's easier to store the cookies based on it. For instance, if you own a lot of fish cookie cutters, just place them together and you can take the pack out when baking fish-themed cookies. It's as simple as that!