Surprising Things You Can Do With Your Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters can be used so creatively for different occasions, purposes and festivals. Cookie cutters are not only limited to baking but if you think hard you can do wonders with it.

Below, I have listed several ways in which you can use your cookie cutters at the best of its ability.

Our suggestions and ideas

1. Designer Pancakes

Using a cookie cutter, you can give shapes to your pancakes, making it look creative and different. Imagine a star shaped pancakes, or a rectangular pancake instead of the regular circular ones. An easier way to make these pancake is to fill the mold of the cutter with the pancake mix and keep the mold in the frying pan, to let it surprise you once it is done.

In fact, I made fish looking pancakes using the fish cookie cutter, which was pretty cool and creative looking.

cookie cutter pancake 

2. Baking Themed Tortilla Chips

With the help of the cookie cutters you can also cut the tortilla on your own. All you need is a wrap, a cookie cutter and after cutting them in slices, cook them. this homemade tortilla will add a perfect flavour to your festival meal.

3. Using The Cookie Cutter For Outdoor Activities

You can get creative and make your outdoor activities a little special by using the cookie cutters. For instance, one of the ideas that you can implement is to place a small patch of grass in the cutters and keep them together in a particular shape.

Other things to be implemented is to make a bird feeder by putting grains inside the cookie cutter. The more you think the more creative easy DIY projects you can come up with for your garden.

4. T-Shirt Painting Ideas

You can use the cookie cutter to draw designs on plain shirts. You can make starsusing the star cookie cutter or fishes using the fish cookie cutter on the shirt. It will not only make your shirt unique but will also stand out. You can even mix coloursto form a colourful print.

5. Make Ornaments From The Cutters

Take a clay and a roll. After flattening the clay with the help of a flat and a hard surface, you can use the cutters to make shapes of those clays. These shapes can then be used for several occasions and as a decorative item at several places. From wall hangings to Christmas trees you can use it anywhere to make your room look a lot livelier.

6. Make Photo Frames

Why purchase costly photo frames when you can make one at your home. With the help of cookie cutter, you can cut the paper in that shape and place the photograph in the mold of the cookie cutter. These look really beautiful and creative and can be used as wall hangings or places on the table in accordance with the shape of the cookie cutters.

7. Watermelon Cookies

Imagine a watermelon cute out in the shape of a fish! Or imagine a plate full of flower watermelons. This can be easily done if you have a fish cookie cutter or a flower cookie cutter. They make the serving and the food plate so creative and nice to look at which will tempt the taste buds even more.

cookie cutter watermelon



8. Gift Wrappers

Most of the times while packing, we usually rely on packing materials from stores, but using cookie cutters you can personalise your gift wrappers as well, by writing a message creatively on the wrapper or by drawing designs. This not only will make the person receiving the gift special but also will make the gift feel more special and worth it.

9. Ever Thought of Sprinkling

Using cookie cutters, you can decorate the top of the cake by sprinkling inside the mold to form a particular design/shape on the cake.

10. Personalized Toast

Do you have guests in house and want to impress them with your cooking skills? how about turning a simple square toast into a particular redesign using the cookie cutter. Not only it will impress them but will also brighten up their morning seeing such designs in the form of toasts.

You can also surprise your partner with such morning toasts to brighten their day.

11. Making Wind Chimes

Ever thought of upcycling your waste products of metals at home? You can turn them into a wind chime by using a cookie cutter. All you have to do is tie the materials to the cookie cutters and hand then on the wall or near to the door.

12. Tea Light Candles

Why go to the market to buy decorative items for special occasions when this can be easily done at home. All you need to do is put the wax inside the mold of the cookie cutter and you will get home made designer candles.

13. Make Home Made Soaps

I know a lot of small businesses that make customized soaps. In fact, individuals at a personal level also make soaps. If you are looking to build customized designs for your soaps, cookie cutter can do wonders and can also make your work easy. They can give personalized soaps and you can easily form shapes of varied size and kinds as per your needs.

14. Cut Meat and Cheese for Your Parties

If you are planning to serve meat in your parties, be creative and make the food look lively by using a cookie cutter to give creative and designer shapes to the meat. This can also be done to cheese and chips as well.