How to Buy Cookie Cutters - The Ultimate Guide

There is a wide range of cutters available in the market, made of different materials, for different uses and are also in different shapes. This can get confusing especially if you are a beginner unsure of what will suit the best for your purpose in a given budget. Below, is a step by step guide that will answer all your questions and will help in taking the decision to buy a cutter a little better.

Kinds of cutters, along with advantages and disadvantages

1. Plastic Cutters

Plastic is very popular and one of the most inexpensive products that can be used. The major advantage of this product is that it has soft edges and thus making it easy for your hands. Further, they can be washed very easily and quickly. However, the downside of this product is that it can melt or warp if the temperature is too extreme. Further, make sure not to scratch it or clean the plastic with a souring pad as it might lead to scratches on the product.

plastic cookie cutter

2. Stainless Steel Cutters

Buyers usually prefer stainless steel products more as they don't rust as easily as tin making it a good product in the long run. Further, a stainless steel cookie cutter is very sturdy and durable, thus it can be used for a longer time as compared to other materials. Another advantage of this product is that very less care is required for its maintenance, so you can bake your cookies without worrying much about the cutter.

3. Tinplate Cutters

Even though tinplate is cheaper and pliable, however, a lot of care is required since it can get rusty quickly. Further, it can bend easily too, hence a proper storage needs to be provided for tin products. Also, do keep it away from strong acids as it can corrode and wear off.

4. Aluminium Cutters

Like plastic, aluminium is also inexpensive and pliable, however, the good part about it is that it won't rust. But the negative side of this is that it gets bent easily also can corrode if you use harsh chemicals.

5. Copper Cutters

Copper is expensive of all but the reason is that the texture is very pretty. Plus, it is not very sturdy thus it is able to maintain its shape quite well. However, despite being an expensive material it is not able to bend very well since it is thicker as compared to other types of cutters.

Factors to Consider When Buying Cutters

1. Personal Vs. Commercial Use

You need to decide your market first. Cookie cutters are split into two categories - commercial businesses and at-home hobbyists. This will help you in deciding which kind of material to buy.

baking cookies

Commercial businesses will need a cutter that is able to cut large designs and as well do complex tasks for them. They have to meet the complex demands of the clients on an everyday basis and thus they would need a cutter which is long lasting and sturdy. As they have to meet the demand of large supplies thus, even if the product is expensive but sturdy should be good. Further, such type of jobs can be performed well by a stainless steel cutter.

On the other hand, if you are using the cutter for your personal need and homemade cookies, then try to identify the individual goal and buy a material which is small and also easy to use.

2. The Size to Pick

The right size of the cutter is essential for both personal and commercial use. If you think a strong machine will work for you, then know that stronger machines are usually heavier and this can become a hideous task if you are working for a longer duration.

If the task you want to perform is small or medium, then a medium sized cutter would be perfect.

3. The Ease of Use

Along with the size of the cutter, try to understand which product is the most comfortable as per your strength and flexibility. Check if it is sturdy and does not weigh heavily when you use the cutter. Also check if it is easy to wash and there is an easy to change the blades as well so that it can help you in using for multiple functions.

4. The Price You Pay

Generally, it is believed that the most expensive machine can give you the highest quality, but it does not mean you have to go out of your budget for this. As per your use and need, even a cheaper but a sturdy product can be worth it.

5. Basic Shapes to Own

Depending on the number of cookies and the style of produce you want, you can buy the cutter either individually or in sets. Similarly, you can also choose the size of the cutter depending on the size of the cookie. In the market there are several ranges and shapes: oval, square, circles, stars.

How to Clean, Organize and Store Cutters

  • After every use, make sure to clean your cutter. Wash them thoroughly and then wipe the water with the help of a damp cloth. Further, do make sure it dries off properly. You cannot make one set of cookies, remove them from the oven and make another batch using them again without washing
  • You can also polish the cutters; there are several polishing liquids available in the market
  • Have a proper storage facility for the cutters. A plastic storage container would be the best. If you want good results, then having a water and air tight contains would be the best for your cutters and their long lasting life