Baking Cookies Is Therapeutic - Learn How

Do you feel like stress takes over your life? You can't seem to enjoy anything lately? Then you might need to find an activity that can take your mind off these negative feelings. All people feel lost or burnt out every now and then. It is not uncommon, and it can be fought by simply engaging in an activity you enjoy. Have you ever tried baking cookies before? If not, you should know that this activity is considered by many experts a therapeutic one, with immediate results. This is why you should buy your favorite fish cookie cutter and start rolling your dough right away:

baking therapy

Focusing On The Creative Process

In today's world, keeping a clear mind became quite difficult. The reason behind this is the fact that people try to focus on multiple things at once. We worry about work-related issues while spending time with our loved ones, we think about our to-do list while practicing yoga and so on. The only way to stop this from happening is to start focusing on one thing at a time. Baking is the perfect opportunity for that. You get to focus on the creative process and you can see, feel, smell and taste the final product.

Kneading the dough, rolling it and sectioning it symmetrically with your fish shaped cookie cutter is a therapeutic process that can relieve anxiety, stress and keep you concentrated on this task. This transforms the baking process in a meditative one. You can train your mind to focus on the present instead of wandering off to the things that keep you stressed out.

Gaining A Sense Of Accomplishment

When you actually get to see the final product of your work, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. If you are not happy with your current life because you believe you've done nothing memorable lately, bake some cookies. It might sound silly at first but participating in a process that starts destructive and becomes constructive will give you the needed peace and sense of achievement that you have been looking for. Get a cookie cutter in a shape of your choice and watch the crunchy biscuits turn golden as you relax next to the oven with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand. Getting the dough together, stamping out your favorite shape with your sharp cookie cutter and baking the sweet delight is more than an activity - is a therapeutic way of calming your mind.

Measuring Ingredients, A Cure For Anxiety

People who can't find a cure for their anxiety attacks should try backing at least once. Measuring each ingredient and mixing all of them together seems to be a coping mechanism for those who suffer from anxiety. Just like breathing exercises, measuring ingredients and using a cookie cutter will comfort you when you feel at your lowest. Combine baking therapy with yoga sessions, talk therapy and music therapy. You will notice results immediately and you'll be able to back out of your anxious mind whenever you please to do so.