11 Must Have Cookie Decorating Supplies

Baking cookies is one of the most fun activities for me and while I am baking for years now, I have extensively tried several decorative supplies to make my orders look perfect. Over the years, I have realised how some of the supplies are really essential when it comes to baking.

I am listing down some of the supplies that I consider as important and might help you in baking cookies with ease as well.

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1. Cake Pans

Cake pans form the base of baking cookies. If you are into cookie making you probably might already be having this tool, however, I wanted to highlight the importance of having non stick pan. If you are taking the baking of cookies seriously I would highly recommend paying close attention to the size of the pan. Mostly a 10-inch pan is used by the bakers.

2. Gum Paste Rolling Pin

Gum paste rolling pins are gems when it comes to baking fondant cakes. If you are planning to make a gum paste or fondants, do have a rolling pin. Usually the rolling pins that have guides on both the ends work wonders. And the combination of cookie cutters and rolling pins if the best.

Tip: Find a rolling pin that is not sticky and can maintain a neutral temperature. This is mostly not possible with wooden rolling pins. I specifically remember that once I was baking such a cake with the help of fish shaped cookie cutter, but the wooden rolling pin made a mess of the end product.

3. Cookie Cutter

Cookie cutters of different shapes and designs can take your baking skills to next level. They make the cakes very appealing and creative and can attract a lot of attention. My personal favourite is baking from fish shaped cookie cutter.

Tip: Make sure to dip the cookie cutters on flour as and when they are used. This will quality and use of fresh cutters every time. You can also wipe the cutters with clothes to remove stickiness. Also, always work from the centre and then move to the edges instead of other way round.

round cookie cutter


4. Even Bake Cake Strips

I am sure often times while baking you must have seenthat after taking the cake out there are rough and uneven surfaces at some places. There is actually an easy solution to this. Even bake cake strips can help in overcoming this problem. The usage of it is quite simple, all you have to do is put the strips in water and after a while of dipping place the strips on the pan. This helps in maintaining a normal temperature of the cake and ensures that the edges are even - the perfect solution to avoid doming.

5. Cake Leveller

Now, when it comes to cutting the cake in several levels, the manual task can get tricky and can lead to uneven divide. A cake leveller can easily do this task for you and save time and the manual effort in the process.

It helps in creating levels easily and cuts the cake perfectly.

6. Icing Spatula

I love this tiny thing! While baking I keep spatula always handy with me. It helps in icing and the frosting spreads smoothly with even formation. Icing spatula is not like regular spatulas; it is angled slightly to help in spreading of frosting a little better.

Tip: Always have warm water along with you so that after every use you can dip the spatula in the warm water for cleaning. This ensures better usage of the spatula.

7. Candy Melt Squeeze Bottles

If you are into baking of butter cakes, this product is a must. Candy melt squeeze bottles help in the baking of the chocolate cake, and especially if it is melted. But if you want to have a royal icing on top of the cake then as well this product is of use.

8. Chopsticks

With royal icing the problem is that after a week or two, lumps start to get the form in the icing. About after a week, the water starts to separate and the icing can only get its freshness back after constant mixing. A quick solution to this is using chopsticks. They are simple, light and long and you can use them to whip the icing back to its shape.

9. Electric Mixer

Another technique to keep the royal icing fresh is using an electric mixer rather than the chopsticks. Electric mixer helps in incorporating the ingredients in a dough since it is powerful and will always provide a better edge at the tasks than the manual hand mixer effort.

10. Food Colouring

Food colouring is very essential for decoration. It adds a really beautiful decor to the entire setting of the cake and allows you to be creative. I personally love gel colouring as they are easy to use. I have made such kind of variations in the cakes because of this tool. From rainbow cakes to strawberry texture, food colouring in accordance to me should be a must.

11. Measuring Cups and Spoons

To bake cakes, the first and foremost step is not to go wrong with the quantity of the ingredients to be put in. it is very essential to be accurate with this to maintain the softness and quality of the cake. One thing that helps in this case is to have a measuring cups or spoons. You can purchase a different kind of cups for different ingredients. For instance, I have a separate cup for wet ingredient as well as the dry one.

Hope this article was helpful and will make the baking of your cake a little easy.